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Belgium to scrap residence permits for EU expats

11 March 2004

BRUSSELS – From 2006 onwards expats from European Union countries will no longer have to apply for a residence permit to live and work in Belgium, thanks to a new EU law approved by the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Wednesday.

The new EU directive will enter into force in 2006 and it will mean EU expats living in Belgium will no longer have to spend considerable time and effort applying for a so-called ‘carte de sejour’.

Instead they will simply have to register with the local authorities when they move to Belgium and prove they have the means to support themselves while living here.

As the new law is an EU directive, it will not only apply to Belgium.

It will be valid across the entire European Union, which in 2006 will be made up of 25 countries.

The rules will not apply to non-EU expats, for example US citizens.

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