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“Belgium remains divided” (survey)

Published on 23/07/2007

23 July 2007

BRUSSELS – This is the conclusion of a survey conducted on 19 and 20 July on behalf of the “La Dernière Heure” newspaper. It represents the opinion of one thousand people. 43 % think that such a government would not be a threat and 32 % have no opinion on this.

 A Leterme-government provides the most cause for concern in Brussels (45 %), followed by the provinces Namur (38 %), Liege (34 %) and Luxembourg (33 %). Fifty-one per cent of those questioned,  i.e. 67 to 85 % of the Francophones and 23 to 41 % of the Flemish speakers, are of the opinion that the Flemish nationalist demands are a threat to the monarchy.

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