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Belgium reels from storms chaos

Published on 19/08/2004

19 August 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgium is counting the cost of the violent storms that swept across the country Wednesday, causing widespread damage to property, news reports said Thursday.

High rainfall was recorded in a very short time, with the Luxembourg province most affected.

Firefighters in Bouillon reported a mini-tornado in the village of Muno, near Florenville.

A total of 25 roofs were torn off or significantly damaged. Some trees were split in two or wrenched out of the ground, particularly in Houffalize where cellars were flooded.

In Neufchateau, the fire brigade were called to clear roads blocked by trees.

In the Wavre region, firefighters launched 15 missions to free highways from branches and flooding.

In Braine l’Alleud, a team of 30 struggled to clear the ring road at Waterloo after an embankment subsided.

In the Flemish region of Brabant, Crainem was badly hit by the storm. A number of cellars were flooded and the Zaventem fire brigade received 30 calls.

Emergency services in Liege took over 200 calls concerning flooded cellars, broken trees and flooded drains. Square Saint-Lambert in the town centre was partially flooded.

In the Charleroi region, the fire brigade were called for pumping operations in a number of communes. Part of Route 90 near to Chatelet had to be closed.

In the province of Namur, the fire brigade received between 250 and 300 calls about flooded cellars and blocked roads.

In the Louvain region, the cellars in 15 houses were flooded and 150 calls were received in Limburg for the same reason.

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