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Belgium launches first whisky brand

Published on 13/12/2004

13 December 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgian distillers are on the verge of launching their first whisky, it was reported on Monday.

According to distiller Etienne Bouillon, who is based in Grace-Hollogne, the brand will be “a true single malt.”

The barley will come from Fexhe-le-Haut-Clocher and the malt from Beloeil, in Hainaut, and its promoters have promised it will tickle the taste buds with perfumed spices and leather.

The first bottles will only be ready in 2007 after a long distillation process.

The liquid has to lie in oak barrels for at least three years to gain the 70 percent alcohol level needed to qualify as a malt.

During the ageing process, a part of the alcohol disappears, and the perfect goal is reached when the alcohol level reaches 40 percent after water is added.

Bouillon said slow speed of the venture would be economically difficult so he had decided to open up the process to whisky amateurs who may like to get involved.

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