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Belgium launches ‘bank-watch’ website

Published on 08/06/2004

8 June 2004

BRUSSELS – Tuesday saw the inauguration of a new website that will help people living in Belgium choose the best value bank to look after their money.

Belgian Consumer Affairs Minister Freya Van den Bossche, ordered the new site in the wake of repeated criticisms about high and, above all, hidden bank charges in the country.

With the new website, Van den Bossche said consumers would, “be able to choose the cheapest bank.”

The system has been developed n cooperation with leading Belgian consumer magazine Test-Achats.

On Tuesday the organisation explained that the website would not always offer the same banking deal to all customers.

“The results vary depending on the profile of the particular consumer,” explained Test Achats banking expert Roland Couyne to the Derniere Heure newspaper.

The new website is available at: http://www.test-achats.be/map/show/123781.htm

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