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Belgium goes barbecue crazy

29 July 2004

BRUSSELS – Sales of barbecues boomed in Belgium in July, despite the decidedly unseasonable weather, it was reported on Thursday.

Hypermarket giant Carrefour said barbecues of varying types were all selling well.

For its Auderghem store alone, the company said it had ordered double the amount of barbecues compared to July 2003 and that stocks had already nearly sold out.

“The customer still prefers the classic barbecue with charcoal to electrical or gas barbecues,” said spokesperson Genevieve Bruynseels.

She added that new models and styles had encouraged Belgians to replace their old barbecues.

The best-selling model is the upright barbecue.

Stainless steel models have also proved popular.

Most barbecues cost around EUR 60, but for anyone planning to have just the occasional summer grill, disposable grills have come on the market.

These barbecues costing EUR 10, are light enough to take camping and come complete with enough charcoal and lighter paper for one barbecue that will burn for an hour.

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