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Belgium eyes tax breaks for eco-friendly cars

Published on 22/03/2004

22 March 2004

BRUSSELS – The Belgian government has promised new tax breaks for drivers who buy environmentally friendly cars.

The new measures form part of a major strategy designed to help Belgium meet a pledge made at the 1997 climate change conference in Kyoto, Japan to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases to 7.5 percent below 1990 levels by 2012.

The planned tax break scheme should knock around 15 percent off of the price of cars that emit less than 105 grams of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) per kilometre.

The cars in question have special low emission engines and will also be able to run on the new generation of non-fossil ‘biofuels’ Belgium hopes to start gradually introducing from next year onwards. 

The government also said it would try to encourage more Belgians to share their cars or use other methods of transport, such as buses, trains or bicycles, where possible.

In addition Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt’s team says it intends to offer tax breaks for people who invest in energy saving measures either at home or at work.

The government made its announcements following a weekend brainstorming session in the seaside town of Ostend.

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