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Belgium cancels flights to the Gulf of Mexico

Published on 20/10/2005

20 October 2005

BRUSSELS – Belgian tour operators on Thursday cancelled flights to the Gulf of Mexico in the face of a hurricane that is sweeping the region.

Hurricane Wilma has been reported to be the strongest Atlantic storm since records began, with winds measured at 175 mph. It is predicted to pass through the Yucatan Channel between Cuba and Mexico before moving into the Gulf and heading north-east to Florida.

In Mexico, Cancun airport was closed at 4pm on Thursday. Jet Air and Thomas Cook said that they would meet the accommodation costs of holidaymakers who found themselves stranded in Mexico. The companies also said they would ferry passengers to safe areas.

Passengers preparing to fly from Belgium to the storm-hit areas were being offered refunds or alternative destinations.

The department of Foreign Affairs issued information and advice to passengers planning to travel to regions affected or likely to be affected by the storms. For information see www.diplomatie.be

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