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Belgium braced for holiday holdups

2 July 2004

BRUSSELS – Drivers have been warned to plan for lengthy traffic jams this weekend and in the holiday weeks to come.

The school summer holidays begin in Belgium on Friday and the road management centre Perex, in Wallonia, is predicting long tailbacks on the major roads this weekend.

It warned the situation is likely to be aggravated by the Tour de France coming through the south of the country and road maintenance works taking place on the E411 and the E25.

These motorways heading south have reduced speeds in some sections to 70km per hour and there are fewer lanes available near the main works.

Perex predicted that Friday’s heaviest traffic would be on the E25 from Liège to Bastogne, and the E411, from Brussels to Luxembourg.

The worst time will be from 2pm until 8pm, Perex added.

On Saturday, roads to the coast are likely to see heavy traffic, particularly from 7am to 2pm.

Meanwhile, the region around Liege is set for its own particulalr traffic problems as the Tour de France passes through the area.

On Sunday Perex says the roads are likely to be congested again, with a mixture of people returning from weekend breaks and drivers heading off on their summer holidays.

Perex is advising drivers to find alternative routes wherever possible.

Meanwhile, people heading abroad by plane should also allow plenty of time for the journey.

Zaventem airport reported record numbers of passengers on Thursday and expects the rush to continue over the next few days.

Security staff said 36,515 poeple went through passport control on Thursday, a daily record that hasn’t been matched since the failure of airline Sabena in November 2001.

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