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Belgians wrongly held in Spain

6 August 2004

ALMERIA – A Belgian family is stuck in the south of Spain after being wrongly accused of driving a stolen car, it was reported on Friday.

The Tahri family, from Forest in Brussels, left Belgium last Wednesday to spend August in Berkhane in Morocco, La Derniere Heure reported.

On Sunday, though, father Mohammed, wife Fouzia and their five children were stopped by officials in Almeria.

The car was searched and the authorities arrested the father, claiming the chassis of the Renault Scenic he was driving was reported stolen in France.

While Tahri was taken to prison, wife Fouzia found herself on the street with the children, with very little money. She wasn’t allowed to get any of the family’s belongings or medicine from the confiscated car.

On Monday, the family contacted the registration authority in Belgium which said the chassis wasn’t registered as stolen here.

The car was Fouzia’s sister’s, leant to make the journey with a large family easier.

Her receipt for the car from the Renault dealer was faxed over to Almeria and both the police and the family’s commune have confirmed that the car was being used with the owner’s consent.

However, the Spanish authorities have not backed down and Tahri will have to appear in court on August 12.

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