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Belgians wide open to identity fraud

Published on 07/10/2009
According to a recent study by Fellowes, the shredding company, Belgians are negligent when it comes to protecting their personal details.
In 93% of the rubbish bins that were examined, details of the house owner’s name and address were found. This figure shows a 13% rise from last year’s study by the same company. Moreover, 90% of the bins examined contained bank account details, and in 47% of the bins a signature was discovered. 
In the light of the Belgian week for the prevention of identity fraud, this publication highlights the carelessness of many Belgian citizens when it comes to protecting their identity.
A new European report confirmed the Fellowes study results, and indicated that 90,000 people had become victims of identity fraud since last year. 
Le Soir/Expatica