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Belgians oppose internal market laws

25 November 2004

BRUSSELS – The Belgian government is opposing large sections of a planned new EU law that would impose internal market rules on the services area.

The so-called services directive has been drafted by the European Commission and aims to break down barriers to people and companies conducting their professions in different countries of the European Union. 

But speaking as EU industry ministers gathered in Brussels on Thursday to discuss the law, the Belgian government said it wanted several sectors to be withdrawn from the scope of the planned legislation.

These include education, culture, the audiovisual industry, healthcare and employment, professional training, water and energy networks, waste management and the protection of the environment, said a government spokesman.

Drafted by former Internal Market Commissioner Frits Bolkestein, the massive directive is still in its early stages and analysts predict that it will be the subject of some very heated debates, both among EU governments and in the European Parliament.

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