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Belgians lack trust in police

Published on 28/10/2004

28 October 2004

BRUSSELS – Four in ten Belgians believe the police do not deal efficiently with petty crime.

Barely 44 percent of Belgians judge the police capable of fighting organised crime, while 58 percent of citizens are convinced  the police prefer just to issue statements, according to a survey by Reader’s digest.

Although 40 percent of those asked think the police are combating drug trafficking, one respondent in five feels less secure than five years ago.

Only four Belgians in ten have not been affected by crime in the last ten years.

Twenty five percent have been victims of theft, 17 percent of burglary, 16 percent of vandalism and 16 percent of violence.

“This lack of confidence probably lies in the personal experiences of Belgians when it comes to crime,” said Reader’s Digest.

The study, which has the title “Feelings of Security and the image of the Police” shows that 52 percent of those questioned do not think the police fight hard enough against violence.

Eighteen percent of respondents suspect the police of corruption and 22 percent think they are racist.

Sixty-two percent are convinced that the police would be powerless in the event of a terrorist attack.

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