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Belgians ‘ignore speed limits’

Published on 21/06/2004

21 June 2004

BRUSSELS – More than half of Belgian drivers exceed the 120 kilometer-per-hour speed limit on highways, it was reported Monday.

A study by the Wallonian Ministry of Equipement and Transport found that some 58 percent of drivers go faster than 120 km/hour. Some 26 percent drive faster than 130 km/hour, and 15 percent really step on the gas to go 135 km/hour.

Even motor coaches, which in theory are not supposed to be able to go faster than 100 km/hour, were found to exceed the speed limit.

Though the average speed for coaches is 92 km/hour, the study found that nearly a third (32 percent) drive 110 km/hour. About 22 percent exceed the authorized speed limit

Thirty-three percent of drivers exceed the 90/km speed limit on country roads.

Drivers tend to be more prudent on ordinary, so-called semi-urban roads, where only 2 percent were found to exceed the 10 km/hour limit.

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