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Belgians happier than ever with their food

Published on 06/02/2004

6 February 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgians feel the food they eat today is safer than at any time over the last decade, a new survey has found.

The study published by Ghent University showed that six out of ten Belgians think food products are safer now than they were a decade ago.

The report’s author, Professor Xavier Gellynk, has identified two categories of food optimists.

One group, representing around 22 percent of Belgians, believe food is now safer, healthier, more animal friendly and cheaper than it was ten years ago.

The other group, which accounts for 40 percent of the survey sample, agrees with all of the above statements except the issue of price. They say food has become more expensive.

In the last ten years Belgium has had a number of high-profile food scares. These include the ‘mad cow’ crisis, which caused panic throughout Europe, and a scandal surrounding dioxin contaminated chicken meat.

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