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Belgians average in height and weight

3 April 2007

BRUSSELS – Belgian men are 1.76m tall on average, and weigh 79 kg. The average height for Belgian women is 1.64m and average weight is about 66.7 kg. This puts Belgians somewhere in the middle in a European ranking for height and weight.

There are differences between the regions in Belgium however. One in five Flemings is taller than 1.80m, for instance, while only 13 percent of Walloons and 17 percent of Brussels residents are this tall. For the country as a whole some 70 percent of men are between 1.70m and 1.84m, while most women are between 1.50m and 1.69m tall.

The average weight for Walloons and Flemings is the same, about 73 kg. But 17 percent of Walloons are heavier than 90 kg, compared to 14 percent of Flemings and only 8 percent of Brussels residents.

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