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Belgian women reveal their growing safety fears

Published on 24/01/2005

24 January 2005

BRUSSELS – Around 18 percent of Belgian women have been harassed, according to a new poll by La Libre Belgique.

The survey shows that 50 percent of this group have been harassed by a passer-by and 24 percent by a partner.

The wide-ranging survey attempted to analyse the hopes and fears of modern Belgian women.

Elsewhere it found that a quarter of those surveyed said they especially feared “big problems with their children or grandchildren.”

A further 27 percent have money worries and 47 percent want their children to be brought up respectful and obedient.

Honesty and courage are values that women most want to instil in their children, which is a similar wish among men.

At work, 38 percent of women want equal pay and conditions, although 15 percent want a financial statute for housewives.

Finally, 75 percent of women, compared with 56 percent of men, would be in favour of male-female parity in companies.

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