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Belgian web connections ‘too expensive’

Published on 24/05/2005

24 May 2005

BRUSSELS – Internet connections in Belgium are at least twice as expensive as in many other European countries, a new study has revealed.

The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, France, the UK, Germany and Italy all have cheaper Internet subscription rates, Belgium’s Test Achats consumer testing agency announced on Tuesday according to Belga.

But Belgium has more broadband connections. At the end of 2004, Belgium had more than 2 million Internet connections, 80 percent of which were broad band (ADSL and others), the highest percentage of this type of connection compared to seven other European countries studied.

All types of broadband Internet subscription packages, including high-speed or low-speed, offered in Belgium are at least twice as costly as in the other countries studied.
“Even classic telephone connections are expensive in Belgium,” Tests-Achats noted.

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