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Belgian weather experts promise ‘no miracles’

Published on 13/07/2004

13 July 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgian meteorological experts said on Tuesday that the appalling spell of cold and rainy weather could end soon but warned people not to expect miracles.

La Dernière Heure asked a number of weather experts whether holidaymakers in Belgium could expect any good news over the coming days

The Royal Meteorological Institute gave some hope but remained very cautious.

It predicted the second half of July would be drier and warmer than the first has been.

“It’s been miserable for so long that that has to end up changing,” said a spokesman.

“But don’t expect miracles,” he added.

The fist ten days of July have seen more than double the average rainfall for this time of year.

Belgian can normally expect around 26 litres of rain per square metre to fall in the first half of July.

This year saw that figure more than double to 55.7 litres.

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