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Belgian unemployment up by 8pc

Published on 06/01/2004

6 January 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgian unemployment increased by eight percent during 2003, according to newly-released official figures.

in December 2003, the number of unemployed across the country stood at 419,913, over 30,000 more than in December of 2002.

There was an increase of 12,349 (8.6 percent) in Flanders, 15,247 (8.2 percent) in Wallonia, and 3,196 (5.5 percent) in the Brussels region.

Fewer men than women are unemployed, 10 and 15 percent respectively, with most unemployed men living in the Brussels region and most unemployed women living in Wallonia.

The number of job seekers under the age of 25 also increased in December to 74,801, up 4,501 on December 2002.

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