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Belgian tsunami death toll could top 80

Published on 03/01/2005

3 January 2005

BRUSSELS – Up to 80 Belgians may have perished in the Asian tidal wave disasters, the Belgian Foreign Minister has said.

Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht on Sunday said the country should be prepared for news of more Belgian deaths.

So far six Belgian citizens are known to have died in the disaster, but 74 others are still missing and fears are mounting for their safety, De Gucht confirmed.

During a daily press briefing in Brussels, de Gucht said he was, “very worried” about the missing Belgians.

“The situation is serious because we will probably be looking at 80 deaths among our compatriots,” de Gucht told journalists.

“This is a global tragedy but also a Belgian one,” he added.

The United Nations has said the total number of deaths from the Asian tidal waves could be as high as 150, 000.

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