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Belgian tsunami aid contributions at EUR 20m

12 January 2005

BRUSSELS – Belgians have so far donated nearly EUR 20 million to help tsunami victims, it was revealed on Wednesday.

The money, collected since 28 December by a consortium of Belgian aid organisations known as “Tsunami 12-12” has reached EUR 19,830 000, a spokesman said.

The consortium has had 299,000 donations, with 95 percent of these private individuals and the remaining five percent from companies.

Additional donations by text message or on fixed French and Dutch telephone lines have not yet been counted in.

The average donation has been around EUR 68, meaning the sums are below threshold that requires EUR 30 to be paid in tax.

The first EUR nine million of the money has already been passed on to the various branches of the consortium, and a second lump sum is due to be distributed on Wednesday.

A final tally of the donations will be announced at a French and Dutch TV event on Friday.

Vice-President of the consortium, Erik Todts, has given his personal assurance that money will be spent well and transparently.

The consortium will report back first in March with details of how the money has been spent on the ground and giving projections for the rest of the year.

A final report will be sent to the Finance Ministry in 2006.

The Belgian government has also donated several million euros to the tsunami relief effort.

The tsunamis killed over 150,000 people and left millions homeless.

More information

People in Belgium can make a donation to Tusnami 12-12 via the consortium’s website.


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