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Belgian teenagers fail to make the grade

Published on 07/12/2004

7 December 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgian adolescents are weak in maths, science and reading, according to a new report by the OECD.

The report for 2003 shows Flanders is out-performing French-speaking Belgium by a long way in all three subjects.

The report is carried out every three years, with the latest going under the name of Pisa 2003.

In comparison to Pisa 2000, Wallonian pupils have shown no signs of improvement and remain below the OECD average.

The French-speaking community holds 22nd place in maths, 30th in reading and 30th in science.

By contrast, Flanders gets a gold medal for maths, bronze for reading and comes 5th in science.

Pisa 2003 also reveals a growing gap between good and bad pupils in Wallonia and the intense use of repeating a year, which can be used as an excuse not to adequately help struggling pupils.

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