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Belgian team sent to hurricane disaster area

Published on 05/09/2005

5 September 2005

BRUSSELS — A team of 10 Belgian logistical specialists flew to the US on Monday to assist in emergency response efforts in the Hurricane Katrina disaster area.

Belgium offered assistance to the US last week and the American Red Cross requested Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht dispatch a team to assist logistical co-ordination.

The nine Belgian military personnel and one Red Cross worker will operate in a civilian capacity, broadcaster VTM reported. They will work alongside US colleagues.

The team departed from Zaventem Airport on Monday morning and will be especially put to work in Baton Rouge and Montgommery. The team was expected top arrive in the disaster area at 6pm local time.
The Belgian team will remain the US for three week and 300 others are on stand-by to offer medical and logistical help.

Meanwhile, the US also requested assistance from both the EU and Nato on Sunday, newspaper ‘De Tijd’ reported

A European Commission spokesman said further the US had requested first aid kits, blankets, water and ready-made meals.

Authorities fear the death tool from Katrina could run into the thousands, but rescuers continued to search in central New Orleans for any survivors on Monday.

There were about 400 Belgians living in the stricken area. The Foreign Ministry has been unable to make contact with 69 of them.

However, it is hoped that most of them had left the region before Katrina struck.

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