Home News Belgian rail to test mobile internet on trains soon

Belgian rail to test mobile internet on trains soon

Published on 26/02/2015

The rail company is considering two options: repeaters or boosters that will boost the existing signal that is hampered by the iron construction of the rail carriages or itself providing Wi-Fi in carriages.

The trial will test both options on one and the same line to allow a comparison. When the trial will start is still shrouded in mystery, but the rail operator has pledged not to kick the project into the long grass.

Belgian Mobility Minister Jacqueline Galant told lawmakers repeaters seemed to be the cheapest, simplest and technologically-speaking most efficient option.

A Wi-Fi option would possibly also be used to provide real time passenger information and monitoring of rolling stock.

The rail company will also examine whether there is a business case to roll out the pilot across the network.

Ms Galant told lawmakers that considering installation costs it was unlikely the service would be available on all lines.


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