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Belgian prison security to be tightened

Published on 31/08/2004

31 August 2004

BRUSSELS – The government has urged Belgian prison governors to step up security following a recent wave of high profile jail breaks, it was reported on Tuesday.

Justice Minister Laurette Onkelinx will meet with the directors of Belgian prisons on Friday to discuss further security measures to prevent prisoners from escaping.

Last month’s escape of Nordine Ben Allal, one of Belgium’s most dangerous criminals, highlighted embarrassing security lapses at the Nivelles prison.

Between now and next spring, inmates going to the visitor room will all have an indelible stamp put on their hand.

An ultraviolet ray will identify the prisoner when he or she returns to the cell.

The move aims to prevent a trick used by Ben Allal on one of his jailbreaks where he swapped clothes with his brother and walked out of the prison.

Onkelinx said she also wants to streamline other security measures at the country’s prisons.

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