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Belgian news in brief, 8 December 2005

Published on 08/12/2005

Ecclestone might take over Francorchamps

Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has said his company might take over the promotion and organisation of the Belgian Grand Prix at Francorchamps. Such a move would be welcomed by the Wallonian government as it faces a barrage of criticism over the financially-draining race. An official announcement is expected next week. Wallonia currently organises the F1 race.

Hospitals to become more expensive

A stay in hospital might become more expensive in future, following a decision by the European Court of Justice. Hospitals will in future be allowed to charge tax on non-medical costs such as telephone and meals. The VAT administration must still approve of the new European measure.

100 ‘illegals’ arrested in Antwerp

More than 100 illegal immigrants were arrested in a police operation in Antwerp on Wednesday night. Police targeted house burglaries and car thefts, and inspected 1,800 cars and ran background checks on 2,800 people.

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