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Belgian news in brief, 7 October 2005

Published on 07/10/2005

Sony to make 119 redundant

Sony is to make redundancies at its Flanders bases in Londerzeel and Zaventem, according to news agency Belga. The Japanese electronic giant said jobs have to go to make savings. Out of 600 workers currently at the Belgian sites, 78 will lose their positions at Londerzeel and 41 at Zaventem.

Two hundred a day exchange Belgian francs

More than four years after the introduction of the euro, Belgians continue to dig out the old currency for exchange. On Friday, the Flemish newspaper Het Belang van Limburg reported that every day some 200 Belgians take old francs to the National Bank to change them into euros. Notes, but not coins, can still be exchanged and there is so far no deadline for doing so.

Police are poisoned at Rogier station

Eight police officers were intoxicated as they worked at Rogier station in Brussels. The metro police were working between 9 to 10 am when they suffered poisoning from a pipe which had sucked contaminated air in from a car park. According to Le Soir, none of the officers was seriously poisoned and criminal intention is not suspected.

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