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Belgian news in brief, 6 September 2005

More Belgians suffering from depression

An increasing number of Belgians are battling with depression, new research has revealed. More people sought help for depression between 1992 and 1999, Ghent sociologist Piet Bracke and colleague Naomi Wauterickx claim. The results of their research was published in the magazine ‘Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology’. They said women are twice as likely to suffer depression as men.

Woman killed in bizarre accident

A 22-year-old woman died in a bizarre traffic accident in Menen, in West Flanders on Tuesday. A car with a French number plate was approaching an intersection at high speed when the woman fell out of the vehicle. The victim’s head collided with a delivery van, killing her instantly. Police suspect the woman jumped from her car after arguing with her friend.

Family kidnapper remanded in custody

Brussels Court extended the remand custody on Monday night of the man who kidnapped his girlfriend, her children and her mother on Sunday. The allegedly drunk Serge D., 44, stormed into the Koekelberg apartment of his girlfriend’s mother at about 8.45am on Sunday. He was carrying a grenade and a hunting rifle. After he released the two children and their grandmother at about 10.30am, D. released his girlfriend at about 2pm and surrendered to police.

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