Home News Belgian news in brief, 5 September 2005

Belgian news in brief, 5 September 2005

Published on 05/09/2005

Beer brewers accused of price fixing European Union regulators officially charged Belgian brewer InBev and Dutch beer firms Heineken, Grolsch and Bavaria with illegal price-fixing in the Netherlands. The European Commission said it had evidence of collusion on the price of beer by “several” brewers. The four groups said they had received a statement of objections — a formal charge sheet from the competition authority — and were considering their responses, newspaper 'Financial Times' reported.

Inalfa to close with loss of 400 jobs

Automotive machinery firm Inalfa has filed for bankruptcy. Some 400 employees at the company’s factory in the Limburg district of Hamont-Achel will be made redundant. Inalfa has in financial trouble for some time, but loan renegotiations talks have ended without result. Unions have called a meeting at the factory to discuss the closure.

Woman smuggled drugs in intimate parts

A Congolese woman was arrested on a Thalys train in Brussels on Thursday for trying to smuggle 90g of drugs. The woman had placed the drugs in a condom before placing it in her vagina. The 43-year-old woman of Sint-Joost-ten-Node was arrested after a tip-off. She was planning to take the Paris-bound from Brussels South. A doctor later removed the drugs from the woman’s intimate parts.

New bread a treat for beer lovers

Three Belgian bakers have started making bread with a beer flavour. The bread is available both as white or brown bread and is called ‘Zeunt’. Three bakeries in De Geel, located near Turnout, are selling the bread. They are: Verlooy, Steurs-Dockx and Steurs. The bread costs EUR 2.20.

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