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Belgian news in brief, 31 August 2005

Published on 31/08/2005

Pilot sacked for emergency landing

A Belgian pilot who noticed a technical defect with an Airbus during take-off from Paris last week has been sacked by Turkish charter company Fly Air. The Airbus A-300 was carrying 235 passengers and was heading for Djerba, but the pilot decided to return to the Orly Airport soon after take-off. French authorities applauded the man’s decision, but Fly Air later informed the Belgian that he could start looking for another job. Fly Air is not included on Belgium’s blacklist of unfit airlines.

EUR 8 million in Niger aid

Belgium has agreed to donate EUR 8 million to Niger to be spent on the North African country’s educational system. The funding is part of a UN development programme. Humanitarian Aid and Development Minister Armand De Decker signed the agreement on Monday. Belgium will pay EUR 2 million annually over the next 4 years. The UN hopes to make education available to every child in Niger.

Final Flightcare talks break down

Final talks between unions and Zaventem Airport baggage handling firm Flightcare have failed to end the drawn out industrial dispute. Unions will now take the dispute over the sacking of union official Maria Vindevoghel to court. Vindevoghel was sacked one and half months ago for breaching safety regulations, but the union ACV claims that Flightcare is also in breach of regulations.

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