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Belgian news in brief, 30 August 2005

Struggle to tie the kangaroo down!

Police and firefighters near Liege had to call in a vet to capture a kangaroo on the run, spotted in a garden in Villers-le-Bouillet. The animal eluded the emergency services but finally allowed a vet to approach him and put him to sleep while he was being moved. The kangaroo, which was not violent but injured a horse while escaping, is believed to belong to a resident.

A growing number of teens going deaf

Ear specialists say they are witnessing a worrying increase in the numbers of 13-20-year-olds with hearing problems. Experts at the University Hospital of Saint-Luc told news agency Belga that Belgians around 18-20-years-old struggle to hear some sounds and blamed loud concerts, nightclubs and personal stereos for the damage.

Only half single mothers work

Only half of single mothers in Belgium do paid work, according to a study by the Flemish interuniversity group Steunpunt Werkgelegenheid, Arbeid en Vorming. A total of two-thirds of mothers who live with a partner work. “I knew the situation was worrying in this social group but not to this extent,” said the Flemish minister for equal opportunities, Kathleen Van Brempt, stating that a shortage of childcare was the problem.

Most Belgians don’t brush their teeth properly

Fewer than one in three Belgians brush their teeth twice a day, according to a survey of 4,000 Europeans by toothpaste company Colgate. The figure puts Belgians below the European average when it comes to tooth care, reported the newspaper Le Soir. A total of 262 Belgians were interviewed in the study.

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