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Belgian news in brief, 29 November 2005

Published on 29/11/2005

Brussels warns of Zaventem fines

Brussels Premier Charles Picqué has said it would be “dramatic” if talks around the Zaventem Airport noise pollution affair drag on until 2008. That estimate was issued by federal Transport Minister Renaat Landuyt on Monday. However, Picqué warned on Tuesday Brussels would follow through with its threat to fine the federal government for every breach of its noise pollution laws if the deadlock is not resolved sooner. The federal, Brussels and Flemish governments are currently locked in talks to resolve the future of Zaventem.

Worker killed in chemical explosion

A worker was killed in an explosion at the Oostende chemical plant Proviron at about 11.45am on Tuesday. A depot caught fire in the accident, but it is not yet known if the fire caused the explosion or vice versa. A large smoke cloud was seen above the plant and streets in the vicinity were closed due to poor visibility.

Adult education chiefs arrested

Two top public servants with the Flemish Department of Education are being held in custody on charges of conflict of interest and money laundering. The chief of the Adult Education unit and his deputy were arrested last week, but the news only hit the media on Tuesday.

Cheapest fuel in three provinces 

Belgian motorists can find the cheapest fuel in the province of Henegouwen, followed by Flemish Brabant and Antwerp, consumer magazine Test-Aankoop said after studying petrol and diesel prices at 3,230 service stations across the nation.

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