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Belgian news in brief, 27 January 2006

Fatality leads to Antwerp ring road delays

A motorcyclist was killed on the Antwerp ring road at Berchem on Friday. The accident took place after a truck collided shortly before 6am with car that had probably broken down. The driver swerved, but did not see the motorcyclist, who collided with the truck and fell into the path of another vehicle. Long traffic delays were reported. The Antwerp public prosecution office is investigating the fatality.

Grand plans for King Boudewijn Stadium

Brussels Finance Minister Guy Vanhengel wants to demolish King Boudewijn Stadium and build a new football venue. The minister envisions a stadium that can compete with the likes of the Stade de France in Paris. Besides football, the stadium could be home to concerts, shops and restaurants. Vanhengel is convinced the federal government can allocate EUR 25 million to the project, stressing that the recent renovation works to the Atomium are proof.

Teachers insured against violence

A growing number of teachers are taking out insurance to cover them against being attacked by a student. In 1999, less than 10,000 were covered for aggression at school with insurance firm Ethias. Now, more than 26,000 teachers are covered. Concern about aggression in schools is increasing amid a higher number of attacks.

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