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Belgian news in brief, 25 January 2006

Street plagued by arson

A street in Wallonia has suffered five fires within a week which were all deliberately started. The latest, on Tuesday just before 11pm, was at an empty building in Rue à Paniers in Wasmes. While firefighters tackled the flames, arsonists also started another fire by throwing lighter fuel into the basement window of another home’s cellar. The owners put it out relatively quickly.

Aid to quit smoking for expectant couples

Health Minister Rudy Demotte announced on Wednesday that the state will subsidise professional help to quit smoking for pregnant women and their partners. He said 20-30 percent of women continue to smoke while pregnant. The state will pay EUR 120 towards the cost of quitting for medical help and EUR 55 towards anti-smoking products for the partner.

Forty pc of under-aged drink

A total of 40 percent of 10-17-year-olds drink alcohol, according to a study by consumer research and information centre OIVO-CRIOC. The survey, carried out last year, involved 2,196 Belgian 10-17-year-olds, 70 percent of whom admitted drinking beer and 49 percent alco-pops .

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