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Belgian news in brief, 23 September 2005

New Flemish nitrate regulations

Flemish farmers will have to use less manure to fertilise fields following a decision by Flemish Environment Minister Kris Peeters to expand the number of designated ‘vulnerable’ areas by 142,000ha. The decision was made after the European Court of Justice ruled on Thursday that Flanders and Wallonia were in breach of EU nitrate regulations. It is not yet known whether the Flemish government’s response will ward off renewed legal action.

Too much Rilatine use among youth

In the past 10 years, the number of youths using the drug Rilatine — a medicine for children suffering from ADHD — has increased 20 times. A large number of children who are not ill are reportedly being prescribed the drug to improve sport or schooling performances. Sports doctor Chris Goossens urged for better consultation between parents and doctors. Using Rilatine for more than two years can cause aggressive behaviour and lead to a heart attack. It can also lead to psychiatric problems.

40,000 Telenet digital subscribers

Less then a month after its launch, Telenet has 40,000 digital television subscribers, 10 times the amount of rival Belgacom. Telenet said on Thursday as it explained its approaching stock market debut that will have more than 40,000 subscribers by the time of its listing. Telenet offers 50 channels and 20 radio stations via its digital network. Belgacom recently launched a promotion campaign for its digital television services in a bid to attract more subscribers.

Man jailed over sex abuse

Tongeren Court has sentenced a 56-year-old man to three years jail for raping an eight-year-old boy last year. The abuse took place over four successive nights. But the man was released because part of his sentence was suspended and he had previously been demanded on remand. He was ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment and pay a EUR 2,500 fine.

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