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Belgian news in brief, 2 February 2006

Published on 02/02/2006

King undergoes cataract operation

King Albert II underwent an eye operation at the Antwerp University Hospital on Thursday. The operation was successful and the monarch has since returned too castle Belvédère. The royal palace said King Albert underwent a cataract operation and that it was a relatively minor procedure. Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt wished the King a speedy recovery and has sent a bunch of flowers as a get-well gift.

Student took teacher, classmates hostage

A 15-year-old student took his Dutch teacher and classmates hostage at the Francophone Koninklijk Atheneum of Watermaal-Bosvoorde in Brussels on Wednesday morning. The youth was expelled from school, but drew a pistol and shoved it into the back of his teacher. He also threatened classmates. The school director eventually persuaded the youth to come to her office desk where police arrested him. It was later revealed that the youth was carrying an alarm pistol.

Majority still support monarchy

Some 60 percent of Belgian nationals don’t want to jettison the royal palace. The survey of 1,144 indicated that 56 percent of Flemish people, 58 percent of Brussels residents and 68 percent of Wallonians support the royal family. Despite doubts about Prince Filip’s ability to become King and talk the government will restrict the role of the monarch in the future, some 61 percent of Wallonians believe Filip is the best equipped to succeed his father King Albert II. However, in Flanders, he attracts only 46 percent support.

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