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Belgian news in brief, 18 January 2006

Published on 18/01/2006

Chorine risk for baby swimmers

A Leuven Catholic University study has indicated chlorine in swimming pools could harm the health of babies. Irreversible lesions on the lungs, comparable with those of smokers, were found among children who had swum as babies 10 years ago. These children suffer from greater asthma and bronchitis problems, newspaper ‘La Libre’ reported.

Former boxing champ convicted of fraud

Former Belgian and European boxing champion Ismail Abdoul was sentenced by Ghent Court on Wednesday to a 250-hour work order. He was convicted of forming a criminal gang and fraud after gathering sponsors for a boxing event that never took place. He also sold illegal cigarettes and mobile phones, but never supplied the goods. He was also ordered to pay EUR 150,000 in damages.

SN Brussels cuts early booking prices

SN Brussels Airlines said on Wednesday it is lowering its fares to 32 destinations for customers who book their ticket at least two months before the departure date. Price reductions of up to 45 percent will be implemented.

Man suspected of cutting own penis off

The condition of a 39-year-old man who was found last Thursday in Antwerp with a stab wound to the throat and dismembered penis is stable. Antwerp public prosecution authorities now think the man’s injuries are due to self-mutilation. After a Linkeroever resident found the man, the victim was admitted to the Sint-Vincentius Hospital. Police later found the severed penis and rushed it back to the hospital. The exact circumstances of the incident remain unknown.

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