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Belgian news in brief, 17 November 2005

Published on 17/11/2005

Belgium tops European space investment

Belgium is Europe’s biggest investor in the space industry based in terms of GDP per capita, outstripping previous pace-setter France. In global terms, Belgium is ranked second. Belgium has just opted to boost investment at a federal level by 12 percent.

Crackdown on re-sale of concert tickets

Economy Minister Marc Verwilghen is to crackdown on the scalping of concert tickets. In future, all tickets sold will need to show the name of the buyer and the official sale price. The measure will make it easier to track down people who re-sell tickets on eBay or via other means for exorbitant prices. Concert-goers will also only be able to buy a maximum of four tickets per concert in future.

Two hurt in truck, ambulance crash

Two people were severely hurt in Geraardsbergen in East Flanders at about 8am on Thursday when a truck failed to give way to an ambulance at the Vierwegenkruispunt. The injured victims were a doctor and a nurse. The truck driver  said later he had not heard or seen the ambulance approaching. Other medical staff in the ambulance were able to treat the victims at the scene. They were then taken to hospital. A second ambulance was dispatched to the first emergency, where a person was having trouble breathing.

First winter snows in east of country

The first winter snows have started falling in Elsenborn, near Bütgenbach in the east of Belgium. However, if you’re thinking about putting your skis on, think again. Small snowfalls have been reported in recent days and more snowfalls are expected in coming days. But it is too early for the ski pistes to open.

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