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Belgian news in brief, 16 December 2005

Flemish using 26pc more energy

Since 1990, Flemish households have increased energy use by 26 percent. The rise in energy consumption was blamed on rising purchasing power. Demographics such as the aging population and the increasingly smaller size of families are playing a role in energy use also, the Flemish Environment Society (VMM) said. The VMM said environmental; policies are producing good results, but not enough to meet international targets.

Porn sent via senator’s email address

A hacker has sued the email address of Movement Reform MR Senator Marie-Hélène Crombé to send colleagues and friends pornographic emails. The incident was brought to light when colleagues confronted the senator about the emails. The Senate’s technical service has since fixed the security breach. It has also allocated more money to securing its computer network.

Belgacom raises Telindus offer

Telecoms operator Belgacom has upped its offer for network specialist Telindus to EUR 16.60 per share. That is 23 percent higher than its initial offer. Telindus will assess the offer. The higher offer comes after France Telecom offered EUR 15.80 per share on Wednesday.

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