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Belgian news in brief, 14 June 2005

Published on 14/06/2005

Brussels claims win in air pollution battle

The Brussels Appeals Court ruled on Tuesday that Brussels limits on air pollution will be breached by the Zaventem Airport expansion plan. Brussels is demanding that the federal government, airport owner BIAC and aviation authority Belgocontrol put an end to air pollution from planes flying over the Belgian capital.
Talks progress on worker retention

The Belgian government, employers and unions have agreed on an outline for discussions over retirement and pension policies. The government is seeking to extend the working life of Belgian employees and presented 15 proposals to its social partners, unions and employers, on Monday. More details are expected in September, but the government wants to discourage redundancies and early retirement and restructure the workforce.

Research confirms glass ceiling

Just 25 percent of companies in Belgium have a female board member and just 1.4 percent of companies have an all-female boardroom, payroll processing company SD Worx said. The research confirmed a glass ceiling exists for women and indicated men are over-represented in higher-paid jobs. In 14.5 percent of companies there are an equal amount of women and men in the boardroom.

New search for Fourniret victim

Police will search for another victim of suspected mass killer Michel Fourniret in the village of Sainte-Cécile (Florenville), located 20km from Sedan. Digging work will take place between 20-24 June. A witness saw a man digging and later filling in a grave-sized hole in the village in the mid-1990s.

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