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Belgian news in brief, 12 September 2005

Published on 12/09/2005

Tax deduction for anti-burglary investment

Interior Minister Patrick Dewael is drawing up legislation to make investment in anti-burglary equipment tax deductible. Dewael is considering a 50 percent tax deduction, amounting to a maximum of EUR 500, news agency Belga reported on Monday. A list will be drawn up detailing the anti-burglary equipment which will come under consideration. The tax deduction is expected to take effect from 1 January 2006.

Special forces seeking new recruits

The Belgian military’s Special Forces unit is failing to attract sufficient candidates. Defence Minister André Flahaut is keen to deploy the unit overseas more often, but will need to boost the unit’s soldiers to 60. Recruiting problems occur because several years experience in the military is required and the fact that family life can come under pressure. Many candidates who do come forward, prove to be unsuitable. Several are refused due to old injuries.

Jail terms over ‘Mad Cow beef’

The Brugge Court imposed sentences ranging up to four years and fines in the ’Tragex-Gel’ case on Monday. The Wingene-based firm sold British beef in the second half of the 1990s in Russia and Egypt. A ban was in place on British beef at the time due to Mad Cow Disease. Eight defendants were acquitted. The Tragex-Gel company director was jailed for four years and fined EUR 24,789. The manager of a Moeskroen company linked to the affair, Lefevre, was jailed for two years and fined EUR 4,958. Several other suspects were convicted.

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