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Belgian news in brief, 10 January 2006

Belgians marry later in life

The latest statistics on marriage in Belgium has shown couples are tying the knot at a later and later age. In 1993, the average age for a woman marrying was 27 years and 10 months; for a man, 30 years and four months. The latest evidence from the National Institute for Statistics showed in 2003, on average, women were 31 years and three months older, and men 34 years and two months.

Atheism at 8pc in Catholic Belgium

A survey into the importance of atheism in Europe has found 8 percent of Belgians do not believe in God, compared to France, which has 14 percent and is the country with the highest number. According to the French monthly Le Monde des Religions, Belgium’s atheism is helped by its socialist and liberal politics.

Belgians give up work early

Half Belgian workers end their career before the legal retirement age, according to a study by insurance company AXA. The company said most retired early out of choice, or for personal reasons, and that Belgians plan their pensions and aim to have the same quality of life in retirement as before, or an even better standard of living.

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