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Belgian news in brief, 1 September 2005

Published on 01/09/2005

Abductions of Muslim women rising Flemish Socialist Senator Mimount Bousakla has claimed more and more Belgian Muslim women and children are being abducted to their country of origin, because they have become too westernised. The number of reported abductions has risen sharply in recent months. The abductions are blamed on family pressure and issues of family honour. Bousakla said the aim is for victims to be re-educated to become "true Muslim women". She is urging for an investigation to be conducted and the signing of bilateral agreements with Syria and Iran to avoid abductions.

Fourniret refuses to confront wife

Confessed serial killer Michel Fourniret refused during questioning on Thursday morning a confrontation with his wife, Monique Olivier, the Dinant public prosecution office said. It would have been the first meeting between the couple since the start of investigations in June 2003. A public prosecution official said authorities had grown accustomed to Fourniret refusing co-operation, but this was not impeding investigations.

Record rise in leaded petrol price

The price of 4 star premium petrol rose by almost 10 euro cents today, pushing the price of 60lr of leaded petrol up by EUR 5.95. The jump in price is being blamed on the hurricane Katrina. Diesel and heating oil will also rise in price on Friday. Excise taxes on diesel are expected to be reduced in response.

Girls rescued from sea

Oostende beach rescuers saved two girls from drowning on Wednesday night. The 10 and 13 year old girls were lying on lilos off the beach at Raversijde when the wind blew them further out to sea. The alarm was raised and a rescue operation launched at 8.15pm. The girls were later plucked from the wagter by a rescue boat and returned to their parents at the Oostende wharf.

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