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Belgian mothers 8th in ranking

8 May 2007

BRUSSELS – One in four babies in Niger dies before its fifth birthday – that figure is only one in 200 in Belgium, and one in 250 in Sweden.

These figures come from the “State of the World’s Mothers 2007” report from Save the Children. The report compares the welfare of mothers and children in 140 countries.

In determining welfare, the organisation looked at birth control use, mortality rates for childbirth and children under the age of five, political and economic status of women, and education level.

Belgium came in 8th on the index of mothers’ welfare. The figures for Belgium show that one in 5,600 women dies of pregnancy-related causes and 74 percent use contraception. The life expectancy for women is 83 years and on average a Belgian woman has attended school for 16 years. One in 200 children dies before the age of five.

In Sweden, which topped the list, one woman in 29,600 dies as a result of pregnancy, 72 percent use contraception, women’s life expectancy is 83 and the average number of years of education is 17. One in 250 children dies before its fifth birthday.

In Niger, which came in last in the ranking, one in seven women dies of pregnancy-related causes, 4 percent use contraception and life expectancy is 45 years. One child in four dies before its fifth birthday.

The organisation says tackling preventable diseases like lung infections, diarrhoea and malaria could provide solutions. The organisation also urges for more health care and education for mothers.

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