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Belgian lesbian in TV sperm appeal

Published on 25/08/2005

25 August 2005

BRUSSELS — A Dutch and Belgian woman have made an appeal for sperm donors in the first episode of a controversial series on Dutch television station Talpa.

During the first edition of what the Dutch media has dubbed the ‘sperm show’, Dutch woman Yessica and the Belgian Kristel explained in detail their desire to have children, as well as their fruitless search for a donor.

Kristel — who is in lesbian relationship with Emmelyn — said she doesn’t want sperm from an unknown donor.

She focused her appeal on men aged 18 to 55, preferably tanned with blue eyes, Belgian newspaper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ reported on Thursday.

“I want your child and nothing more,” she said, echoing the name of the programme. Men can respond to the appeal via email.

Television audiences will need to decide whether there will be a sequel to the programme, which has already sparked controversy in the Netherlands.

The show attracted widespread media attention, ranging from Swiss and Canadian radio, through to BBC and Reuters.

MPs in the Netherlands had previously discussed the matter in the Dutch Parliament, Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ reported.

Talpa is the new television channel of John de Mol, who pioneered the ‘Big Brother’ television shows.

De Mol is organising a week-long competition of various reality shows. The programme with the most votes will be selected for further production.

One of the programmes in the running focuses on five prostitutes who want to start a new life by opening up a pub.

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