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Belgian is brain of paedophile ring

Published on 06/11/2007

6 November 2007

BRUSSELS – The European paedophile ring that was targeted by police services across the European Union was led by a Belgian from Bruges (West Flanders).

Last week’s joint police operation staged by police services in all 27 European Union countries was triggered by an investigation in Australia. Detectives there raided the home of a paedophile and discovered video images recorded in Belgium.

A police officer from Bruges recognised one of the victims. The victim turned out to be the daughter of a man from Bruges.

The suspect has admitted abusing his two daughters aged 10 and 12 and also placing them at the disposal of others. One of the girls is mentally handicapped.

The suspect is being tried next January. He worked together with an Italian photographer who was arrested last year. Hundreds of addresses of clients were recovered from the homes of the two suspects.

According to the daily Gazet van Antwerpen several dozen other suspects also hail from Belgium. They include a man from Asse (Flemish Brabant) who was found in bed with his daughter.

During the past few weeks police in all 27 EU states have been targeting this paedophile ring. The investigation was dubbed Operation Koala after it was triggered by the work of Australian detectives.

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