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Belgian government websites not well secured

8 September 2008

BRUSSELS — A substantial group of computer specialists warns that the websites of the different governments in Belgium are not well secured.

According to computer specialist Ulrich Seldeslachts, policy regarding confidentiality and computer security in Belgium is inadequate compared to Belgium’s neighbouring countries.

Experts add that some sites are easy to hack and outsiders can gain easy access to confidential data.

"The best example of this inadequate policy is that the fact that Belgian is one of the very few countries in West Europe that has not set up a CERT system,” says Seldeslachts.

CERT stands for Central Emergency Response Team. A CERT is equipped to react quickly to security threats – both domestic and international. The CERT also informs the necessary authorities and services.

Computer experts say the CERT is of utmost importance for the government, industry and for private persons.

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