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Belgian dentists ‘too expensive’

Published on 28/07/2004

28 July 2004

BRUSSELS – Belgian dentists have been criticised for charging patients too much, reveal new figures released on Wednesday.

The federal ombudsman service charged with dealing with citizens’ medical complaints has registered 200 cases since the start of its work in October 2003.

And a hefty number of the gripes relate to soaring dental costs, which medical insurance companies now reimburse less generously than they used to.

According to an interview in medical review De Huisarts with Flemish federal ombudsman, Willeke Diijkhoffz, most of the 200 complaints concern treatment in hospitals.

Only 50 deal with medical treatment outside of hospitals and two thirds of all cases come from women.

Access to medical files and insufficient secondary care are other points often highlighted by patients.

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