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Belgian cop arrested for armed hold-ups

13 July 2004

BRUSSELS – A Tournai policeman has been arrested for three counts of armed robbery, it was reported on Tuesday.

The police officer committed the armed hold-ups against two bookshops and a bakery in the Tournai region between 1 and 10 July, police sources confirmed.

On Monday police searched the home of 41 year-old Marc Dejonghe on suspicion of his involvement and uncovered items of clothing that were identified during the most recent attack, which took place in a bakery.

Just before the hold up two girls saw a man behaving suspicioulsy in a car near to the bakery and they reported what they had seen to to the police.

Their description led police to their wayward colleague’s house, where the evidence linking him yo the holdups was discovered.

According to the Tournai public prosecutor, the arrested policeman was having financial difficulties.

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